April 19, 2022 Hearing

If you would like to let the Committee know your position on a bill, we strongly encourage you to send us your comments in written form. Position letters and other correspondence may be submitted through the Advocacy Portal, e-mail, letter, fax, or e-fax. Please view our Letter Policy Page before submitting a support or opposition letter. The Committee's letter deadline for this hearing is Tuesday, April 12 by 12pm. Please note that any letters submitted after the deadline may not be reflected in the analysis. Any letters recieved will be kept as part of the Committee's offical legislative records.


April 19, 2022 Agenda (as published in the latest Senate Daily File)



1.            SB 1375 Atkins   Nursing: nurse practitioners.



2.            SB 1111 Archuleta            Trash receptacles and storage containers: reflective markings.

3.            SB 1059 Becker    Privacy: data brokers.

4.            SB 1419 Becker    Health information. 

5.            SB 1396 Bradford              Tenancy: credit reporting: lower income households: evaluation.

6.            SB 1100 Cortese   Open meetings: orderly conduct.

7.            SB 983   Eggman   Consumer warranty protection: express warranties.

8.            SB 1017 Eggman   Leases: termination of tenancy: abuse or violence.

9.            SB 1311 Eggman   Veterans: protections.

10.          SB 1335 Eggman   Discrimination: housing: credit history of persons receiving housing subsidies.

11.          SB 931   Leyva    Deterring union membership: violations.

12.          SB 1387 Limón    Gubernatorial appointments: report.

13.          SB 1054 Ochoa Bogh        Public social services: records: confidentiality: multidisciplinary personnel teams.

14.          SB 1040 Rubio    Insurance: restitution.

15.          SB 1200 Skinner   Enforcement of judgments: renewal and interest.

16.          SB 947   Wilk       Whistleblowers: private entities awarded no-bid contracts.

17.          SB 1142 Caballero             Abortion services.

18.          SB 1324 Durazo     Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act: rental debt.

19.          SB 1364 Durazo      University of California: vendors.

20.          SB 1406 Durazo     Excluded employees: binding arbitration.

21.          SB 1173 Gonzalez             Public retirement systems: fossil fuels: divestment.

22.          SB 1216 Gonzalez             Secretary of the Government Operations Agency: working group: deepfakes.

23.          SB 1313 Hertzberg            Local public employee organizations: health benefits: discrimination.

24.          SB 1120 Jones    Engineering, land surveying, and geology. (This analysis has been updated as of 4/15/22 at 4pm due to errors in the support and opposition lists.)

25.          SB 1259 Laird      Retail installment contracts.

26.          SB 1256 Wieckowski        Waste management: disposable propane cylinders.

27.          SB 1056 Umberg               Violent posts.

28.          SB 1071 Umberg               Public social services: administrative hearings: juvenile records access.

*Pending receipt.