June 21, 2022 Bill Hearing



1.            AB 2559                Ward     Reusable tenant screening reports.

2.            AB 2406             Aguiar-Curry      Intermodal marine terminals.

3.            AB 2315             Arambula            Community colleges: records: affirmed name and gender identification.

4.            AB 2089                Bauer-Kahan      Privacy: mental health applications: mental health application information.

5.            AB 2627             Bauer-Kahan      Electronically collected personal information: local agencies: the California Community Colleges: memorandum of understanding.

6.            AB 972                  Berman                 Elections: deceptive audio or visual media.

7.            AB 1837                Mia Bonta           Residential real property: foreclosure.

8.            AB 1686                Bryan                    Child welfare agencies: enforcement.

9.            AB 2329             Carrillo                  Pupil health: vision examinations: schoolsites.

10.          AB 2466               Cervantes           Foster children.

11.          AB 1780             Chen                     Corporations: electronic transmissions by corporations: shareholders’ meetings: location. (Urgency)  This bill has been pulled.

12.          AB 2958                Judiciary               State Bar of California.

13.          AB 1714               Cooper                 Excluded employees: binding arbitration.

14.          AB 1611               Davies                   Oil spills: potential casualties with submerged oil pipelines: vessels: reporting.

15.          AB 343                  Fong                      California Public Records Act Ombudsperson.

16.          AB 2189                Friedman             Foster youth.

17.          AB 2193                Gabriel                 Civil representation: immigration status.

18.          AB 2520                Gabriel                 Department of Justice: Office of Access to Justice.

19.          AB 1341                Cristina Garcia   Dietary supplements for weight loss and over-the-counter diet pills.

20.          AB 2503                Cristina Garcia   Landlords and tenants: California Law Revision Commission: study.

21.          AB 1794                Gipson                  Postadoption contact agreements: reinstatement of parental rights.

22.          AB 2268                Gray                      Charles James Ogletree, Jr. Courthouse.

23.          AB 1904                Grayson               Consumers Legal Remedies Act: covered person.

24.          AB 2170                Grayson               Residential real property: foreclosure sales.

25.          AB 2433              Grayson               Department of Financial Protection and Innovation: unlawful practices.

26.          AB 2135              Irwin                      Information security.

27.          AB 2190              Irwin                      Office of Information Security: annual statewide information security status report.

28.          AB 2392                Irwin                      Information privacy: connected devices: labeling.

29.          AB 2102                Jones-Sawyer    Cannabis: facilities used for unlawful purposes. (This bill has been pulled.)

30.          AB 2383                Jones-Sawyer    Rental housing unlawful housing practices: applications: criminal history information. (This bill has been pulled.)

31.          AB 2595                Jones-Sawyer    Juveniles: dependency: jurisdiction of the juvenile court.

32.          AB 1981                Lee                         Jury duty.

33.          AB 1810             Levine                   Pupil health: seizure disorders.

34.          AB 1949                Low                        Employees: bereavement leave.

35.          AB 1663                Maienschein      Protective proceedings.

36.          AJR 27                   Nazarian              Armenian, Assyrian, and Greek Genocide.

37.          AB 2845                Patterson            Parent and child relationship.

38.          AB 2188                Quirk                     Discrimination in employment: use of cannabis.

39.          AB 2429                Quirk                     Commission on Peace Officers Standards and Training: assessment of training requirements.

40.          AB 1862                Ramos                  Tribally Approved Homes Compensation Program.

41.          AB 1410                Rodriguez            Associations: declared emergency: protected uses: regulation.

42.          AB 2369                Salas                      Domestic Violence Prevention Act: attorney’s fees and costs.

43.          AB 2448                Ting                        Civil rights: businesses: discrimination and harassment: customers: third parties.

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